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Sharing mods and maps for some of the best games of all time.    

Latest entry: Dev Update: 22.6.2013 Shroudghoul now has its own page!

So you somehow ended up on my site eh?

In the event you take interest in video games and user made content (or mods) then you found the right place. Basically, this is a site dedicated towards video games as well as user made content for video games.

Most content on this site belongs to one out of five categories: Mod reviews, mod previews, "dev updates", game reviews, and game previews.

Mod reviews are basically my own personal takes on already released mod content (both old and fresh), previews are my thoughts on mods that are not yet finished, and dev updates are similar to previews except that they are about me giving you up-to-date information about mods that are being made by me personally.

Game reviews and game previews are my reviews of games and my thoughts on upcoming games.

Hopefully you will have a good time on my site!